Conditions for Advertisers

The Snipping Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic invites all interested organizations to become the general sponsor of our sports competitions.

The FS of the KR holds at least six competitions a year, which are covered in many media and social networks.

The general sponsor of the competition receives the following advertising opportunities:

  • Placement of logos and advertising on the territory of the shooting range:
  • stretch marks
  • banners
  • Placement of the logo on the stand during the award ceremony.
  • Placement of advertising on the Instagram account of the Federal Assembly of the Kyrgyz Republic (in two posts within two months and 8 stories, one per week)
  • Sponsors are given the right to demonstrate their products on the territory of the shooting range during the competition.
  • The sponsor is given the opportunity to draw their products or special prizes in one of the match exercises.

Agreement period: 1 competition.

The cost of the agreement: 90 thousand soms.

The second proposal for the general sponsor of the competition:

The sponsor gets the right to draw his products or special prizes in one of the exercises of the match, without paying the prize fund in the amount of 90 thousand soms, in this case, advertising in social networks and the media is not provided.

Agreement period: 1 competition.

You can contact us through the following contacts:

Phone number: +996 995 115 511